Sunday, October 19, 2008

Know about the country you are going to and make your trip a memorable one. Tips from

So you have your Passport and Visa ready and you have made your air reservations for the much awaited foreign travel. Have you really prepared yourself for the trip ? Here are a few useful tips to save yourself from cultural shocks –

Read as much as you can about the country you are leaving for - the type of government, the geography and a brief history, the education system, the official, unofficial languages, religions present, service workers of the country, elite of the country, the indigenous groups and how they relate.

Try and find out about the general attitudes and lifestyles.

What are the Greetings and courtesies in the country,

What is the way of dressing on formal and informal occasions

Are the roles of men and women in that country distinctly different – the formal and the informal way

Is your host country’s culture formal or informal when meeting new people? How does the culture respond to personal questions

What are the Dating and Marriage customs of your host culture

What kind of food do the people of the country eat

What are the popular sports and entertainment activities

What are normal business hours?

Get a list of their major holidays and find out what determines these holidays (religion, state laws, politics, etc.)

Be involved in organisations that will help you to learn the culture, art and craft, or the history of the country.

If you are moving to a country where you do not speak the language, take language classes as soon as you arrive. Better still, start language classes before you leave.

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